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    MPL Studios

    World knows MPL Studios thanks to the habit of making beautiful pictures of stunning teens posing naked in different cities of the world. Photographers who work with the site shoot real teens from St. Petersburg, Moscow, Budapest and Prague. Luckily, the girls they find are not usual skinny schoolgirls, whom you can easily find at all teens sites, but they are real girls who love their divine bodies and who love boasting about them. The girls differ greatly; you can find blondes, brunettes and ginger hotties who play all kinds of sex games.

    You can find two photo categories at the moment at MPL Studios: Studio Girl Vision and Art Studio. Art Studio section offers very large photos either black and white or color. Studio Girl Vision offers pictures at three sections: Russian, Budapest and Prague. You will find 33 models at Russian section, 7 models at Budapest section and 6 models at Prague section and, of course, they all are really fantastic.

    Besides qualitative pictures you will find lots of stunning movies divided into three big sections: Russian studio girl series, simple pleasures masturbation series and modern lifestyle series. The quantity of videos at sections differs but they all are really fantastic. In order to spice the actions and to intensify the sensations guys use music at the Russian series videos. In the modern lifestyle actions you will hear girls telling about themselves and even laughing during those interviews.

    Besides photos and movies you will find screensavers at the site. At the moment you can get only one screensaver and 22 covers with the best studio girls. Covers are real masterpieces and they give some information about this or that girl.

    If you’re a fan of professional photos and videos with gorgeous naked teens in leading roles then this site is the best place for you. Sure, you will have to pay some money to enjoy all the wonders of MPL Studios but thanks to the huge quantity of hot photos and passionate videos it is an acceptable price.